Douglas Wells

Douglas Wells, CFA®, CFP®, MBA

Douglas Wells, CFA®, CFP®, MBA

Decisions matter. And when sound financial decisions accumulate over time, prosperity follows. With an MBA from Stanford and years of guiding high net-worth individuals and groups through complex and diverse decisions, Doug Wells’s expertise is unique and valued.

At Albion, Doug helps clients connect seemingly disparate pieces of information into clear patterns and actionable insights. He is a popular public speaker and author, addressing the complex interests of high net-worth families, executives, business owners, and charitable organizations. A selection of his presentations and white papers can be found below. In addition, he co-hosts two weekly radio shows focused on finance, investing and business. “Mountain Money,” airs Mondays on Park City’s public radio station, KPCW. The Bottom Line airs Tuesdays on Salt Lake City’s public radio station KCPW. Archives of past shows can be found at Mountain Money and The Bottom Line.

Doug currently serves on multiple boards, ranging from high-tech start-ups to long-standing charitable organizations, such as Park City’s food bank.

Beyond the financial world, Doug enjoys flying, skiing, and spending free time with his wife and his two young daughters, who are growing up far too quickly.

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