Walter Joseph

Walter Joseph, MSF, BFA

Trader / Associate Portfolio Manager
Walter Joseph, MSF, BFA

In his role as Associate Portfolio Manager, Walter brings a unique and diverse set of skills acquired through an unusual career path. His degrees in philosophy and finance supplement experience across different sectors of the financial industry (including trading roles at retail brokers, corporate financial analysis, and financial reporting for institutions and the ultra-wealthy), Walter brings a broad and informed perspective to Albion’s investment team.

Albion’s investment philosophy of finding fundamentally solid and socially conscious investments that provide long-term stability resonate strongly with Walter’s own investment philosophy. He has a passion for cultivating objective, realistic, and optimistic investment strategies that align not only with clients’ financial goals but with their personal values as well. He firmly believes there is no reason to give one up for the other.

Originally from Denver, Walter has spent considerable time living in several cities/states before landing in Utah including Idaho, Chicago, Atlanta, and Mexico. In his spare time, Walter’s interests are as diverse as his professional career. He enjoys reading, basketball, creating art, composing music, and more traveling.


Master of Finance, University of Utah

Bachelor of Science in Philosophy, University of Utah