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Media Room

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Albion on CNBC

What happens when the big social media companies start banning users?
Albion CIO Jason Ware: Big tech has done well with or without economic stimulus
Albion’s CIO Jason Ware on Tesla’s entry into the S&P 500
Best November Since 1928
Should investors stick with mega-cap tech stocks?
Alphabet was the most critical earnings report of the big tech giants, given the impact of the pandemic in Q2

Albion on Cheddar

Why Investors Fear a Democrat Sweep in Georgia
Investors Actively Trading Tech, Industrial Stocks During Election
Futures Rally After Thursday’s Heavy Stock Sell-Off
May Jobs Report Surprises With 2.5 Millions Jobs Added, Unemployment Rate of 13.3%
Stocks Close Higher Tuesday Despite Concerns
Monday Markets Open Down Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Albion on Yahoo Finance TV

Market Recap: Wednesday, January 13
CIO on stimulus bill: Congress should of done more, but ‘$900B is better than nothing’
Market Recap: Monday, December 7
Market Recap: Wednesday, November 11th
The market has expressed relief with Joe Biden seemingly having a fairly clear path to victory
Albion Financial’s Jason Ware on what he’s expecting from big tech earnings

Albion on TD Ameritrade Network

2021 Expectations for Market Performance
Jason Ware: Expect 2021 to Return to Normal
Jason Ware and Ivan Feinseth Talk Growth in Ecommerce and Online Shopping
Jason Ware Discusses The Election And Covid 19’s Impact On Health Care Stocks
Jason Ware’s Stock Picks V, COST, HD, DIS, ACN
Jason Ware On Asset Allocation In Today’s Volatile Market

Albion on the Nightly Business Report

Inflation, Fed, & the Economy
Nightly Business Report – January 25, 2019
Nightly Business Report – November 9, 2018
Nightly Business Report – July 30, 2018
Nightly Business Report – July 11, 2018
Nightly Business Report – June 13, 2018

Albion on Reuters

Pay attention to sales outlook for market direction
BofA latest plan doesn’t address mortgage unknowns: analyst

Albion on Bloomberg

Jason Ware on Tech Earnings & Trade Tensions

Albion in the News

Jason Ware: Forty Under 40
Financial analyst reacts to #Brexit, talks impact on U.S.