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Learning Center

Guiding Clients to a Lifetime of Good Decisions

Investor Education

General investment education. Quick references for annual tax rates, savings, and retirement contributions, as well as Social Security and Medicare figures.

Quarterly Letters

Look back at a history of our quarterly letters with analysis and insight from our regular contributors and Albion’s financial experts.

Finance Videos

Watch our informational videos on personal finance, investing, estate planning, Albion’s GPS service, and more.


Learn to protect yourself online and reduce cybersecurity risks with these tip sheets and resources.

Financial Checklists

20s Checklist

In your twenties, saving for retirement may seem like putting money away for a far-away event, but you will see the powerful effects of compounding as your savings grows over time.

30s & 40s Checklist

As life increases in complexity during your thirties and forties, you may be more interested in wisely investing your funds and finding an investment allocation that fits you.

50s Checklist

Keep yourself organized by gathering a list of your assets and liabilities, reviewing your insurance policies, monitoring your credit report, and making home repairs while you are still working.

60s Checklist

As you approach or begin retirement, ensure your financial investments match your goals at this stage of life. It is especially important to monitor your budget and pay close attention to your cash flows.

Our Story

In the summer of 1982, Toby Levitt and John Bird found themselves discussing flaws prevalent among financial firms nationwide. “Although there was lip service to the idea of putting the client first,” recalls Bird, “at the end of the day, advisors got paid for selling a product.”

The two envisioned a firm free from any product sales agenda, a firm where clients truly come first. This vision became a reality later that year when Levitt and Bird founded Albion Financial Group: a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) legally and culturally committed to each client’s best interest. A fee-only pioneer, Albion has become a nationally recognized, award-winning investment manager and wealth advisor. And, no surprise, the client still comes first.

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