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Financial Advising

A secure financial future is obtained through clearly stated goals and attention to the many components of your financial life. At the beginning of your relationship with Albion, and constantly throughout the process, Albion works to understand your personal financial and lifetime goals. An understanding of who you are and what you would like to accomplish provides the essential framework for our efforts on your behalf. Our objective is to help you make a series of good financial decisions year after year.

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Investment Management

Our investment research process begins on the macroeconomic level. We monitor changes in statistics such as GDP growth rates, inflation, interest rates, the business cycle, productivity, and employment in order to identify trends, both obvious and subtle, to find appropriate investment opportunities. Our understanding of these domestic and international economic indicators, as well as thoughtful analysis of world events, allow us to build client investment portfolios with a strong fundamental core.

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We Serve People, Not Products

Individualized Investing

Managing multiple portfolios or advisors is neither convenient nor financially efficient. Consolidating and coordinating investments through Albion streamlines this experience without sacrificing access to any investment vehicle. And unlike the big brokerage houses, our clients enjoy access to the world-class skill and experience of the entire Albion investment team, not just a single assigned advisor.

One Team, a World of Options

Goals, timing and risk tolerance—they’re different for each client. We believe in listening. We believe in doing the right thing. And as a fiduciary with a fee-only compensation structure, there’s no pressure to do anything but what’s right for each client.

Our investment relationships begin with a face-to-face conversation. This allows Albion and potential clients to discuss financial goals and investment philosophies—laying the foundation for a personalized and integrated long-term investment plan.

If you have $1M or more of investable assets, please contact us.

We thrive in a culture of continuous learning and believe that we must work to understand what has come before in order to gain clarity on why the world is as it is today.