November 2023 – Conference Call Recording

This conference call covered the economic landscape of late 2023, including labor market trends, 2024 recession outlook, inflation & prices, the housing market, interest rates & monetary policy, cash alternatives, U.S. deficits, relations with China, equity markets, and more!

Listen below for the isolated audio of the conference call:

Audio-only recording of Albion Financial Group’s November 15, 2023 conference call.

Achievement Unlocked: Three Consecutive Years on CNBC’s FA100 List

We made the list again! Albion Financial Group is honored to have been included on CNBC’s ‘Financial Advisor 100 List’ for the third consecutive year.

This recognition places us among the top financial advisory firms in the nation. We are proud of our consistent presence on this prestigious list, which is a testament to our expertise and dedication, yet we measure our true success by the satisfaction of each client we serve.

As we celebrate our 41st year in business, we express our sincere gratitude to our clients for their ongoing loyalty and support. Cheers to many more years of providing exceptional financial planning and investment services!


Conference Call Recording – July 13, 2023

July 13, 2023 Conference Call – Audio Only

This conversation covered 2023’s economic landscape so far, including interest rate hikes, bank failures, the labor market, the national debt ceiling, inflation trends, a looming recession, Artificial Intelligence, generational demographic shift, and more!