Conference Call Recording – February 2024

Albion Financial Group – February 2024 Conference Call Video Recording

In our most recent conference call our panelists delved into the economic context of early 2024, touching upon various topics such as tax deadlines, interest rates, Artificial Intelligence, recession forecast, inflation and pricing trends, monetary policy, portfolio asset allocation, Secure 2.0 legislation, estate planning, and more!

Stream the audio of yesterday’s conference call at this link.


November 2023 – Conference Call Recording

This conference call covered the economic landscape of late 2023, including labor market trends, 2024 recession outlook, inflation & prices, the housing market, interest rates & monetary policy, cash alternatives, U.S. deficits, relations with China, equity markets, and more!

Listen below for the isolated audio of the conference call:

Audio-only recording of Albion Financial Group’s November 15, 2023 conference call.

Conference Call Recording – July 13, 2023

July 13, 2023 Conference Call – Audio Only

This conversation covered 2023’s economic landscape so far, including interest rate hikes, bank failures, the labor market, the national debt ceiling, inflation trends, a looming recession, Artificial Intelligence, generational demographic shift, and more!


Conference Call Recording – November 15, 2022

Conference Call Panelists – John Bird, Jason Ware, Liz Bernhard, and Michael Kessler

Click on the link below to watch the video and transcript of Albion’s November 15, 2022 Conference Call.

Or listen to the isolated audio from the call below:

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Albion Financial Group Conference Call Replay

From November 16th, 2021

To watch the Zoom video recording, please click on the below button:

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  • 00:02:27 – John Bird
  • 00:07:54 – Albion’s ESG Portfolio offering
  • 00:12:28 – Jason Ware on the Economy & Markets in 2021
  • 00:19:08 – Looking Ahead to 2022
  • 00:22:15 – Liz Bernhard
  • 00:26:48 – Year-End Planning Items
  • 00:35:03 – Q&A
  • 00:58:49 – John Bird Closing Remarks

Albion’s Year End Conference Calls

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When: Nov 17, 2021 09:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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ESG with WOA on Zoom

We welcome you and a guest to join the Women of Albion THIS THURSDAY, February 25th, for a virtual event on ESG investing. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance, and the term ESG investing includes these three central factors along with the usual financial factors in determining the investment merit of a company.

Albion has provided ESG investing opportunities to our clients since 2017 and as this type of investing gains more popularity and recognition, we are getting many questions about what ESG investing is and how it works. Thus came the inspiration for our spring #WOA event!

Albion’s Chief Investment Officer, Jason Ware, will join the Women of Albion to talk about ESG investing. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the type of companies that make the cut, why ESG investing is important to Albion, and how it can be a way to align your investments with your values.

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom! Contact us to RSVP.

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